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XDAG: A new DAG-based cryptocurrency.
XDAG is a novel application of Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology that solves the issues currently facing blockchain technology.
XDAG offer bleeding edge technology to offer a decentralised solution to the problems facing other cryptocurrencies. XDAG has no pre-mine or ICO, and is a true community-driven project aligned by a common goal and innovative development team.
XDAG used to be called Dagger.Dagger is part of a new wave of Distributed Ledger projects based on a DAG infrastructure. DAG, or Directed acyclic graph, is an alternative method for sending data amongst people within a distributed, decentralized environment. This is done without a blockchain, allowing for greater scalability.

The XDAG Forum was created for blockchain developers, and XDAG enthusiasts (funs) are more convenient and quick to understand and communicate , and also is public official disclosure.
We can learn more about XDAG.Talk about issues like github. And Suggest the future development of XDAG. Also talk about anything about xdag.
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